Starting a Walking Club in Your Manufactured Home Community

Manufactured home community walking club

Finding moments of tranquility and wellness is more important than ever. One simple yet effective way to prioritize both physical activity and mental rejuvenation is by incorporating walking into your daily routine. Whether you’re strolling along scenic trails or exploring your manufactured home community, walking offers a plethora of benefits for both body and soul.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the joys of walking, highlight some specific trails near some of our communities:  Troy, AL, Muncie, Indiana, and Mount Washington, KY, and offer tips for forming a walking club within your manufactured home community.

The Joy of Walking:

Walking isn’t just about putting one foot in front of the other; it’s a powerful form of exercise that promotes cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and boosts mood and cognitive function. Plus, it’s accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, making it an ideal activity for individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being. When you live in a community of homes, there is a great chance others around you would join in!

Tips for Forming a Walking Club:

  • Start Small: Begin by gauging interest within your manufactured home community and recruiting a few enthusiastic walkers to join you in forming the club.
  • Choose a Schedule: Determine a regular meeting time and place for group walks, taking into account the availability and preferences of club members.
  • Plan Excursions: Organize group outings to nearby parks, trails, or scenic areas, allowing members to explore new environments and enjoy the camaraderie of walking together.
  • Stay Connected: Create a communication channel, such as a group chat or email list, to keep members informed about upcoming walks, trail conditions, and other relevant information.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Recognize and celebrate the achievements of club members, whether it’s reaching personal fitness goals, completing a challenging trail, or simply enjoying the benefits of regular walking.


Exploring Scenic Trails:

  • Troy, AL : Take a leisurely stroll along the Janice Hawkins Park Trail , which offers picturesque views of the Conecuh River and lush greenery. With its flat terrain and well-maintained pathways, this trail is perfect for walkers of all abilities.
  • Muncie, Indiana : Discover the beauty of Prairie Creek Reservoir and Prairie Creek Greenway Trail , where you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying a peaceful walk around the lake. Keep an eye out for local wildlife and enjoy the serenity of this tranquil setting.
  • Mount Washington, KY : Lace up your walking shoes and explore the scenic trails at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest . With over 40 miles of trails winding through forests, meadows, and wetlands, there’s no shortage of opportunities to connect with nature and get your steps in.


You can reach out to the office staff within your community. They can help get the word out and pass along your contact information for those interested in joining. Living in a mobile home community offers the opportunity to develop friendships and get togethers with several close neighbors who may become friends. And, a walking club gets you fresh air and health benefits!

Walking is not just a form of exercise; it’s a pathway to health, happiness, and connection. Whether you’re meandering along a scenic trail or strolling through your mobile home community, the simple act of walking has the power to transform both body and mind. So lace up your shoes, step outside, and embark on a journey of wellness and discovery—one step at a time.

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